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RB is your one-stop medical solution provider. We are an NABL accredited pathology with a state-of-the-art radiology setup including MRI and CT Scan unit. We also have polyclinics, pharmacy, physiotherapy units, fertility clinic and diabetic clinic under our umbrella. We have partnered with Roche and BioRAD to provide 100% computerized pathology with error-free setup. Our MRI imaging and CT scan setup provides highest level of service to our patients in a relaxed, caring, and supportive environment. We are one of the only diagnostic imaging centers in PAN INDIA to use such high quality equipment at such affordable costs. And, unlike open or standing MRI devices, our imaging technology provides first-time high quality image results which requires no second opinion. RB Diagnostics have earned a strong and loyal physician referral base in this miraculously small time line. The real credit goes to our specialized staff and a dedicated management. Physicians rely on us for flexible scheduling, ultra-high quality imaging, and rapid diagnostic response by our specialty radiologists. Our staff of nationally recognized, board certified radiologists give you and your physician the confidence that only highly-trained medical professionals are reviewing your medical reports. From our caring and competent staff to our warm and inviting setting, the primary concern of our staff is always patient comfort and convenience. The MRI Center offers evening, weekend, and same-day appointments. Situated at heart of Lake Town with 50+ employees, we are ready to serve the community with next generation diagnosis. The center is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the patients. Our equipments are backed by industry experts who are committed to provide the top most possible quality blended with incomparable service.



We would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce R B Diagnostic (P) Ltd. We were incorporated in 2010 with a vision of redefining medical diagnosis. Today we stand as the fastest growing diagnostic center of North Kolkata because of the love and trust of the community. Our medical equipments are always the latest and the best in the industry. We participate in international medical seminars to keep up with the everchanging technology. We hope to continue living with our strong service commitment for the society.

Special Offer

Executive health check-up:
Complete Haemogram, Sugar (F), X-ray Chest PA, ECG, Urine RE, SPGT, SGOT, Urea, creatinine, uric acid, lipid profile, total protein, Blood group, USG whole scr, Alkaline phos, calcium, VDRL, Echo-cardio SCR, Bilirubin
Rs. 3500

RBD healthy life:
Executive check up, Thyroid Profile (T3,T4,TSH), Vit B12, TMT and PFT
Rs. 4200

Master health check-up:
Complete Haemogram, Sugar (F), X-ray Chest PA, ECG, Urine RE, SPGT, Urea, creatinine, uric acid, lipid profile, total protein, Blood group, Calcium, USG whole scr
Rs. 2000

Cardiac enzyme:
Rs. 1500

Cardiac injury:
Cardiac enzyme + Complete Haemogram + SGPT + Electrolyte profile
Rs. 1750

Diabetic Profile:
Comp. Haemogram, Sug(F)(PP),HBA1C,Urea,Creatinine,Urine RE, Lipid Profile, Urine for ACR

Hepatic Profile:
Comp Haem, Sug(F), Total Protn, Bilirubin, Alkaline phosp, SGOT, SGPT, GGT, Urine RE, Stool RE, P-Time with INR, HbsAg
Rs 1200

Hypertension Profile:
Complete Haemogram, Sug(F), Urea, Creatinine, Na+K+, Chloride, Urine RE, Lipid Profile
Rs 1200.

Infertility Profile:
FSH, LH, Prolactin, Progesterone, Testosterone, Oestradiol, Blood group, Sug(F), HB, T3T4TSH, Pap smear, USG Folliculometry, Semen Analysis
Rs 3100
Pre-operative Profile:
Complete Haemogram, Sug(F), Urea, Na+K+, Chloride, Blood group, BT CT, Urine RE, Stool RE, ECG, X-ray Chest, USG Whole(Screening), HCV, HIV, HbsAg, Echo screening
Rs 2900

Pregnancy Profile:
Complete Haemogram, BT CT, Sug(F), Urea, Blood group, HIV, HBsAg, HCV, Urine RE & C/S, USG of FPP(Screening)
Rs 1800

Puo-work up/ Fever Profile:
HBTCDCESRMP, Sug(F), Urea, Bilirubin, SGPT, Mantoux  Test, ASO Titre, Urine RE C/S, Stool RE, Blood C/S, Widal, X-ray Chest, USG of upper screening
Rs 1500

Renal Profile:
Complete Haemogram, Sug(F), Urea, Creatinine, + Electrolytes profile, Total Protein, Uric acid, Calcium, Urine RE, Urine Albumin
Rs 1650

Coagulation Profile:
Complete Haemogram, BTCT, Fibrinogen, P-time with INR, APTT
Rs 900

Bilirubin (direct, indirect, total), SGOT, SGPT, Alk Phos., Total Protein (Alb, Glu, ratio)
Rs. 600

Lipid Profile:
Rs. 700

Na+, K+, Chloride, Bicarbonate
Rs. 600

Thyroid Profile:
Rs. 500

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